Wrist Rocket Ascender

Climbing a small diameter rope is hard on the hands, wrists and arms. Our hands were never designed to grip most climbing ropes and carpal tunnel, white finger disease, and tendonitis are problems for climbers.

The Wrist Rocket Ascender by Climbing Innovations is designed to alleviate the stress to the hands and fingers. While not life support it can also be used for 3:1 mechanical advantage for limb walks or RADS style climbing. Now available at ClimbingInnovations.com

I have added the option to sew Velcro into your favorite gloves at no additional cost. Send a check with your gloves to the address below, I will add the hook Velcro to the ascender and sew the loop Velcro to the back side of your glove.  Up to three gloves. 
Also if you would like the rope capture cam removed, we can do that as well.  Although it is easy to take a nail punch and push out the pin that holds it in place. 

Climbing Innovations, LLC
6328 Cedarcrest Road NW
Acworth, GA 30101


Sewing the gloves. (video)