SAKA Self Advancing Knee Ascender Double Footloop

All black SAKA with two footloops and two extra carabiners.

Video of the Two Footloop SAKA

Info on latest build as of April 2017.


  • The fastest, lightest, most efficient and responsive knee ascender on the market.
  • Patent pending double bungee configuration, makes for strong, fast and responsive ascender advancement.
  • Made from durable quality materials, with a customized ascender and manufactured on a computerized rope sewing machine.
  • Quality bungee with a single pure rubber core and a durable Dyneema cover.  Replacement in a few minutes.  (If you ever do wear it out.)
  • Works with both ClipN-style or regular climbing boots with nothing additional to buy.
  • No extra moving parts to wear out, add weight or slow you down.
  • The footloop can stay on your boot. Makes for fast and easy, on and off of the SAKA carabiner, and also minimized storage space requirements.
  • Adjustable in seconds to reach any desired tending point.

Tips For Use

  1. Leave the footloop on your boot, even when you're not climbing.  Think about securing the elastic part with a couple of laces.
  2. Store it by attaching it across your back or with a half roll and twist in a ditty bag or use the convenient storage point on the ascender.
  3. The ideal placement for connecting is near your belt area or bridge but there is extra bungee to attach to a chest harness if desired.
  4. During ascent, keep your feet together and moving straight up and down the rope remaining as upright as possible.

SAKA update April 2017

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