Hitch Hiker X WITHOUT Swivaeye now with SMC ring

Currently  I am focused on other legal maters and have no time to make more.  Watch my YouTube for free demonstration videos.
An improved version is also in the works when things get back on track.  


Hitch Hiker X WITHOUT Rock Exotica Swivaeye but with SMC small ring.
I strongly recommend the SwivaEye but add the small ring to this version.  
The HHx tends differently than the original HH and the small eye of the ring or SwivaEye is very important. 
An aluminum and Slic Pin shackle version of the popular Hitch Hiker by Paul Cox

The purchase code from the Safety video must be listed in the notes of the order stating I have seen the video and understand how to safely use and maintain this device.  

Safety, specification and purchase code video.


Hitch Hiker X Hitches and Other Great Things 
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Break testing video