Drum and wear bracket for the Unicender


The Drum is a friction device added to the RE Unicender to save wear and add function.  Instillation is required.

This is a new version that also includes a sacrificial wear plate for the bottom "L" bracket.

This listing is for both the Drum, wear plate, screws and lock washers, positioning plate and/or stencil for proper positioning of the screw holes.


Another listing for the Unicender with the Drum and wear plate installed is also available as well as a separate listing for just the "L" bracket wear plate.



The Drum clear anodized.

Mounting plate 3D

PDF mounting stencil


Unicender manual



Consider using the stencil or positioning guide for drilling a 5/16 hole for the ¼ bolt.  It is advised to use drilling methods that will limit the drill from walking. 


Use soft clamps or mallet to push the wear plate over the “L” bracket.  Silicone or some adhesive may be used if you are concerned about it coming off.

Be sure to understand the manual that is provided with the Unicender. 

These metal parts are anodized, depending on the individual circumstances and friction requirements, consider using a file or coarse sandpaper to remove anodizing where the rope will contact the metal parts. 

Feel free to write me at richard@climbinginnovations.com if you have questions.


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